The Microsoft Operating System Catalog is available for any PC model or device on which installation is supported. We aim to always offer our customers the very best market prices on Microsoft licenses. All our software products have a lifetime license, and our customer service is always prepared to assist you in choosing the product that best suits your needs.

AVAILABLE: Office 2021 SuiteOffice 2019 SuiteOffice 2016 Suite – Office for MAC

ALSO AVAILABLE: Windows Operating Systems – Antivirus


Buy Microsoft Office 2021 suites from Ms Key Deals and save with 100% Genuine and guaranteed Digital Licenses, with secure payments, and a full money-back warranty. Instantly receive your order in your inbox and, in case of issues or doubt, get in touch with our free English-speaking Customer Service.

Buy your Microsoft Office suites

Buy Microsoft Office from Ms Key Deals: it’s easy and you can save money. Our catalog is complete with different Office editions, according to your needs and your hardware. If you have an older PC, buy Microsoft Office 2021 at a very competitive price. Or, buy and  Microsoft Office 2016, these packages are still good today, the ideal if you want to spare some cash or you don’t need a particularly up-to-date suite.

If you’re a Windows 10 user or you plan to buy a license, check our encompassing Microsoft Operating System catalog; you’ll find your next product key at excellent price points! In this case, match your order with Microsoft Office 2019, the Windows 10-optimized productivity suite, offering new cloud sync features and a practical, modern UI.

Instead, if your PC is up-to-date, get the most out of the power and security offered by Windows 11you can get a free upgrade if you own a genuine license for Windows 10. Ms Key Deals offers 100% genuine and guaranteed licenses, at very competitive prices. Save over your Windows 11 upgrade, buy and activate Microsoft Office 2021the latest productivity suite matching a revamped Fluent Design UI, that also introduces excellent collaboration, co-authoring, and cross-device sync features. Did you know that Windows 11 will offer native Android app support? Benefit from our incredible prices, buy Windows 10, match it to Office 2021, and save greatly over the MSRPs!

If you have a Mac, visit our Office for Mac section in our catalog; you’ll also find the latest version of Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac at a super cheap price! All Microsoft Office versions are available in 32 and 64-bit iterations, furthermore, our catalog includes both the home and business versions. We always recommend protecting your devices by also installing a valid and effective Antivirus against cyber attacks. 

Download Microsoft Office suites

When you buy and download Office from Ms Key Deals, you will save on the price list, and receive your 100% genuine, guaranteed product key within a few seconds from your checkout. Each order includes an official ISO download link and complete, step-by-step instructions to install, activate and use Office very quickly. Payments are served by secure and tracked systems, with a full money-back warranty: once you complete your checkout, you’ll fully enjoy your new productivity suite in a matter of minutes. However, in case of doubt, questions, or issues, our free English-speaking Customer service is there for you!

Install Microsoft Office 2021 suites with digital licenses

Our professional service is based on Digital Delivery. Our 100% authorized store offers you 100% genuine licenses in digital format, and this also significantly contributes to environmental protection. By digitally delivering our products, we can bypass the physical transport system, and let you install Microsoft Office quickly and with no pollution. No couriers, no queues, no footprint! Ms Key Deals is a 100% Eco-Friendly company 

Operating Systems Compatible with Microsoft Office Suites.

A wide range of Operating Systems is available on Ms Key Deals.
Choose the right one for you: Windows 11 – Windows 10 .

Do Microsoft Office licenses have any limitations?

No! Ms Key Deals offers perpetual licenses for all Microsoft Office suites. Your product key is linked to your Microsoft account; if you need it, just reinstall your Office suite without purchasing a new license. You’ll only need to deactivate your previous installation a proceed with the new activation using your credentials.

What’s included with any Microsoft Office order on Ms Key Deals?

If you buy your license for a Microsoft Office suite from Ms Key Deals, you’ll save money and receive your order within a few seconds from the transaction. We’ll send you the following to your inbox:

  • Your new Microsoft Office suite (1 user license)
  • Official download link to the ISO file for Office
  • Clear, complete, and simple instructions on how to install Office
  • Free English-Speaking Customer Service
  • Invoice

Are you a reseller?

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System Requirements

Please, see each Office version for the relevant minimum system requirements.